How To Make Money Online For Beginners

As soon as we step into the world of the internet to Make Money Online, often our knowledgeable friends first ask the same question, where to start, we don’t know anything, we don’t understand anything. So this writing is for them.

One should not be hasty when starting, (this does not mean that the person is constantly thinking), but it means that one should do good homework first. Because from where you have to start, you step on any path and the path you start on determines your destination.

How To Make Money Online For Beginners

So first of all the friends who want to come in this field. Build your online following, join tech-related groups and pages, follow entrepreneurs everywhere from TikTok to YouTube, and follow people related to the tech and digital world. Get rid of time-wasting habits like movies, games, and scrolling

Make Money Online

After that, go to Fiver and make a list of all the skills/niches. First, major niches.

For example

  • Designing
  • Animation
  • Programming and Tech
  • Marketing

Choose your niches interested

First of all, check your type to see which one you are interested in. If you are of the creative mindset, then you should go for designing and animation, there will be many options ahead. you have a problem-solving mindset and are interested in high-tech things, then choose Tech and Programming, which will cover everything from web development to Android development.

marketing strategies

then you understand marketing strategies well or have an interest in them or have an analytical mindset then go for digital marketing. There will also be more to come from SEO to social media marketing, email, and content marketing.

make money online learn graphics designing

These are some examples of major categories. Out of these major niches (fields), when you will know which one your interest is, minor and nano niches will come next, as if you knew that you have a designer mindset. Then there will be graphics designing and further logo designing/brochure designing/flare designing/business card designing/branding etc.

Similarly, if you find that you are more interested in high-tech, web development, app development, blockchain, game development, etc. will come from among its sub-ashes when you select all categories. Then there will be many more executions.

 Make Money to learn web designing

For if you choose web development and designing, then one way or say a nano-nash comes with different CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress. And second is programming where you can do web designing by learning coding languages ​​like HTML, CSS, etc.

Make a list of all these major categories. And then go to YouTube and watch three three four four tutorials of all of them. That is, in designing, three or four videos, one poster design, one from CorelDraw, one from Photoshop, and one from Illustrator Then the logo design is like this.

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