The Secret Tips to Marketing on Twitter

Tips to Marketing on Twitter.Twitter has 974 million users, but only 241 million of them log in once a month. In comparison to Facebook’s numbers, it may appear that Twitter is not the ideal place to start. However, according to CNN statistics, the majority of individuals who log onto Twitter are looking for information rather than fun, which means businesses may quickly capture the attention of potential consumers or clients looking for additional information.

Favorite Tweets

Many people are unaware of how favoriting tweets function, yet it attracts more attention than a retweet or a mention.

Follow Hashtags or Trends

You should look at trending hashtags and themes and figure out how to relate them to your brand. By including your company in hot topics, your handle will be visible when people search for tweets about that topic.

Tag posts with a few relevant and trending hashtags to reach new users. However, hashtags should be used cautiously because they are perceived as Twitter spam when overused or coupled with irrelevant information.

Offer Special Deals and Discounts

Run some Twitter contests, such as saying that the first fifty people who retweet this post will receive a 50% off coupon, or have them upload images of themselves using the product or at the store and have a random lottery.

Use Images and Videos

Make your message more visual by using videos and photographs. They receive three to four times the number of clicks as text posts on Twitter.

Tips to Marketing on Twitter

The Secret Tips to Marketing on Twitter

Images and videos have been shown to generate more clicks, views, and tweets than plain text. While a community manager may be engaging followers, a post about having a good time on the weekend is far less effective than in-stream content where someone can watch a movie trailer and find out where it is playing in their area. Research has shown that rich tweets receive far fewer negative feedback ratings because customers prefer content that is easy to view on their mobile devices.

 Promote Tweets

You should invest in promoted tweets because they directly target your intended audience. Failure to specify who you’re attempting to reach can cost you a significant amount of time and money. However, make sure your sponsored tweets aren’t spammy. The idea is to deliver value to your followers that builds credibility and trust, not to deceive them into clicking on a link.

Maintain its freshness. If you want to keep communicating that message to your followers, find a fresh way to convey it.

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Make Twitter integrated with other marketing efforts

Twitter, like other social media sites, is far more effective when combined with other marketing initiatives. For example, if you conduct a Twitter campaign or contest, let your email subscribers know about it because they are another client base that has already indicated that they want to receive messages from you. When you occasionally tweet a link to your mailing list, you can integrate your Twitter and email lists.

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