YTB-ISDB Turkish Joint Scholarship Program 2024

YTB-IsDB Joint Scholarship Programme 2024 Applications are now open for Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and PhD programs. Apply now to invest in your future!  YTB-ISDB Turkish Joint Scholarship Program 2024

YTB and ISDB offer scholarships to students and scholars from ISDB member countries to pursue studies at the most prestigious universities in Turkey. This cooperative project demonstrates our continuous commitment to human capital development.

YTB and ISDB Launch a Joint Scholarship Program for the Year 2024-2025

Benefit Package

  • University and Program Placement
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Tuition Fee
  • Accommodation Support
  • Round Trip Flight Ticket
  • Health Insurance
  • 1-year Turkish Language Course
  • Academic & Professional Programs

Monthly Stipend and Accommodation Support

  • Associate Degree: 350 $ per month
  • Undergraduate: 350 $ per month
  • Master Level: 375 $ per month
  • PhD Level: 400 $ per month

Apply for the Online YTB-ISDB Turkish Joint Scholarship

For further information about scholarship conditions and commitments, please visit the IsDB portal at

You can also visit the Türkiye Scholarships website at:

Apply Now:

Application Last Dates

18 April 2024 – 16 May 2024

General Instructions

  • Likely applicants should submit their applications via the Türkiye Scholarships website.
  • Applications can be submitted in eight languages: Turkish, Arabic, English, French, Russian, Bosnian, Persian, and Spanish.
  • Scholarships are available for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD degrees in various science and technology subjects to support development.
  • Selected persons will benefit from university admission and a full scholarship.

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YTB-ISDB Turkish Joint Scholarship Program 2024

Scholarship holders will receive the equivalent amount in Turkish Lira of the abovementioned amounts. The stipend covers monthly living expenses and provides accommodation support.

For associate and bachelor’s degrees, the scholarship is an interest-free loan (Qard-Hasan) to the students and a grant to the LDMCS they are affiliated with (repayment is made to a local trust, not ISDB).

The associate degree and bachelor’s degree students are required to repay the loan after graduation and employment in easy installments to the ISDB Education Trust (IET), a Waqf established or to be established in the students’ countries.

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